Are you struggling to understand why your statement balances don’t match up with Xero? Do you want to make decisions based on clean accurate data not the odd-looking numbers Xero is currently telling you?

Our Xero training in London will empower you to understand all the features of Xero and how to use these to improve business performance. It’s a great place to start to get a process to save you time and also get you on the right track financially.

Whether it’s as little as one hour or as much as a full day, the one-to-one Xero training is flexible and can be done over lunch or to suit your schedule. It’s an opportunity for you to get:

Peace of mind knowing your software is set up correctly for you to use in your business

Confidence that you know how to use Xero to its full potential

Ongoing support to move you through your Xero journey

The training is completely custom to you and your understanding of Xero. Some of the most popular areas for training include:

What to expect from the training process

You choose what topics we discuss and support you with during your training. In order for the best plan to be put in place, we use the following 3 step process


We’ll send you a quick questionnaire to get an idea of where you’re currently at with Xero and what you’re struggling with.

Pre-Flight Call

Once we’ve got, we’ll have a quick call to make sure we have everything we need to plan the training beforehand.

Training Commences

With the agenda ready, we’ll have the training with you either online or in-person so that you learn everything you need.

“I had a need for some rapid hands on Xero training and Square Mile were able to provide it as well as sort out some longstanding issues I was having. Would recommend!” – Enda Casey, Director, Mainguard Associates Ltd, Norwich

Meet Your Trainer

Jordan is our go-to advisor and client manager, and he has been training small business owners and company finance divisions in the use of software for many years.

As a budding entrepreneur himself, he recognises the need for efficiency and streamlining processes, having been involved with multiple businesses within varying sectors.

Jordan Taylor

Why get xero training from an accountant, and not software trainers?

We live and breathe Xero. What we’ve found is the best training comes from those who are no stranger to what Xero has to offer and how powerful it can be for your business.

We use it ourselves at Square Mile and with our clients every day, so that we can show you how to get the most from the platform and its hundreds of connected apps.