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Need a Game Changer?

Get ready for the tax break that can help you fund future growth.

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Marlene Davies, Tech Group Birmingham

Claim R&D Tax Credits

If your company has spent money on research and development – from labour, development, testing,
prototyping to hardware costs – then you may be eligible for a successful R&D Tax claim.

Receive a cash refund or reduce your company’s tax bill.

Who can claim?

  • If you have spent money on a project which contains technical uncertainty
  • If you have used technology to develop new tools, products or services i.e software
  • If you have tried to advance your products through new technologies i.e prototyping
  • If you have spent money on finding more efficient ways to produce your products or services
  • If you have experimented with new equipment or manufacturing and  production technology
  • If you have spent money on software, supporting software/SaaS and hardware in order to advance

How it works

  • Receive up to 32% of your R&D spend, with a typical claim for a small company being in the region of £75,000
  • The funds are received as a refund of Corporation Tax or, as a cash credit if the company is not profitable
  • No upfront fees and zero risk
  • We only charge a fee for a successful claim

Square Mile specialises in R&D tax credits claims

  • We are R&D Tax Claim specialists with many happy clients as reference
  • We understand the tech space intimately, and are in a better position to identify R&D Tax claim opportunities for even the most technically challenging and complex businesses
  • We know how to navigate through this complicated and specialised area of tax law to make it work for you
  • Avoid the time and difficulty in wading through the masses of documentation – let us do it for you, risk free

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