Disruptive Tech and Your Employees

The three T’s of effectively introducing disruptive tech to your business. It is fair to say that disruptive tech has knocked us off our seat with its capability to change how businesses operate. It has created unfamiliar competition, which has

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What’s FinTech and why does it matter?

Software is at the heart of our lives in this modern, hi-tech age. Just think how commonplace apps have become and how much of our day-to-day time is spent using our smartphones, tablets and laptops to make our lives easier.

So, if software can make our everyday lives easier, it makes sense to apply the same benefits to our business lives as well.

And this is where finance technology, or ‘FinTech’, comes in. FinTech solutions exist for just about every part of running a small business, from bookkeeping to invoicing, to reporting, Point of Sale and credit control.

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What is Cloud Accounting?

In a time of rapidly changing markets, empowered customers and connected employees, your business needs to be responsive and flexible; and you need to have the tools in place to access your business data in minutes, not weeks. Here we

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