Man feeling sad

How are you feeling?

We ask because Saturday 10 October, is Mental Health Awareness Day. Of course, mental health problems can affect anyone (and we mean anyone) any day of the year but, hey, it’s a good opportunity to take a moment to focus

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Flying High in The Cloud

0203 282 7109​ Facebook Instagram Linkedin With the increasing demand that new technology can satisfy, it is apparent that data-driven innovation will become even more advanced in the very near future. We live in a world where, within the realm

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Budget Update 2015: Bad news for small business owners

Over the next five years, entrepreneurs and small business owners will need to pay more in tax. Tax experts speculate that these changes to the dividend taxation system may push small business owners to jump the gun and sell up before the new legislation falls into place.

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How the 2015 Summer Budget will affect you

Last week, we received our country’s first 100% Conservative budget delivered by the Chancellor. It was undoubtedly a significant one, and now that we’ve had time to digest it, let’s take a look at some of the key points which could affect you

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