Client Feature: Skin & Tonic London

Skin and Tonic was launched by a couple, Sarah and Josh who met in 2009 over a glass of Gin and Tonic.  The idea for Skin & Tonic was born in 2010 after Sarah got ill. She quit her career in television and retrained in aromatherapy and skincare formulation, after being successful in creating products for herself. In Sarah’s own words she couldn’t find anything out there “that was straight talking, organic and cool!”.

The brand launched their first products, quickly gaining cult status among the organic and skincare-obsessed British folk. No sooner were their products stocked at the uber cool Content Beauty in London, which in green beauty terms is the equivalent of Harrods beauty hall.

What distinguishes Skin and Tonic and gives them an edge is that a lot of thought has gone into their branding, their products, and communicating their philosophy that speaks to a wide market – men and women of all ages. Their ingredients policy is simple: every product has seven ingredients or less, and their products are made from organically certified ingredients.

They don’t just say they’re green; they provide a lot of information about their sustainable sourcing and policies – where possible supporting local producers, sourcing from Fair trade women’s cooperatives, striving to be carbon neutral.

Skin and Tonic switched to Square Mile Accounting in mid-2015, requiring proactive advice from chartered accountants.

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