Seven business lessons from seven female entrepreneurs

Women all over the world are becoming entrepreneurs and building successful businesses. What lessons can they teach the rest of us? Here, seven famous female entrepreneurs share their tips for success.- via Xero [7 min read]

Women are turning to entrepreneurship because it offers them the freedom to live the way they want to. It lets them:

  • escape the glass ceiling.
  • align their work lives with their personal values.
  • be at home with their children yet still earn money.
  • fulfil their potential.

According to Forbes, women will create over half of all businesses by 2018. So there’s never been a better time to become a female entrepreneur.

Learn from the winners

There may still be sexism and gender politics in some workplaces. But when you start your own business, nobody will tell you what you can or can’t do. You’re free to forge your own path.

That can be liberating, but also daunting. Every new entrepreneur has challenges to overcome. It’s great to learn from experience – but it’s even better to learn from other people’s experiences. So women are increasingly turning to other women for advice on how to run their businesses.

Here are seven business lessons from seven successful female entrepreneurs. All of them have built empires worth hundreds of millions of US dollars, and some of them over a billion.

Keep their advice in mind as you build your own business – whatever your gender. Then you’ll have every chance of following in their footsteps.

1. “Don’t be afraid to fail big”

Sara Blakely is the founder of Spanx and is the youngest female billionaire. According to Blakely, failure is simply the result of not trying hard enough. That might sound like a harsh lesson, but dedication and persistence are both vital when building a business.

2. “Block out negativity”

Tory Burch is CEO and founder of lifestyle brand Tory Burch. She says that on the bumpy road to success you will meet plenty of naysayers.

So follow Tory Burch’s lead. She learned from her parents to treat negativity as ‘noise’. She surrounded herself with people who would lift her higher – and she reaped the rewards.

3. “Your story is your biggest sales pitch”

Jessica Alba is CEO of The Honest Company. She launched this business because she found it hard to find genuinely healthy products for her baby.

That’s something that every new parent can relate to. So Alba’s message resonated with millions of people. That helped turn her company into a billion-dollar business.

4. “Sleep your way to the top”

This advice from Arianna Huffington, CEO of the Huffington Post isn’t as shocking as it might first appear.

Sleep is vital to success in life. If you skimp on sleep you risk causing serious harm to yourself.

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