Sexy business analysis with Futrli

As we work with business owners and help them review their profits and productivity, we’ve discovered that (unlike us accountants) you don’t really want a spreadsheet of dry numbers. It doesn’t mean anything to you. It’s…well…dull. Even ugly. Which is why Futrli has changed the game. It’s accounting technology gone sexy. It’s profits and productivity and numbers in clean, good looking dashboards that not only make sense, but are really easy on the eye.

Yes, we realise that simply putting the word ‘sexy’ in front of accounting or business analysis doesn’t make it so.

As we work with business owners to assist them in reviewing profits and productivity, we’ve discovered that what you are looking for is not a spreadsheet of dry numbers. You are perfectly able to review that data – and gain meaningful information from it – but it’s fairly dull.  And in the tech sector, business (and the numbers) are hardly dull.

Which is why we’re enthusiastic about Futrli, and how it has changed the game for your management reviews.

Futrli is accounting technology gone sexy. Your profits and productivity and numbers are integrated into clean, good looking dashboards that not only make sense, but are much easier on the eye.

(Cue a very classy London catwalk, with the best of tech apps making their moves.)

From dull figures to fascinated business owners

As you know, we’re big fans of Xero accounting software. That’s merely the foundation.

Futrli is an integrated add-on to Xero that (with the power of that integrated tech we all love) turns complex, repetitive financial data into powerful, actionable information.

Your financial data is held in Xero, but instead of numbers-only reports and fairly bland spreadsheets, you’re now reviewing beautiful charts, graphics and visuals. Business analysis, now beautiful. Tech, gone sexy.

Use a variety of ‘boards’ to ensure you’re not bored

The Futrli integration process ensures that your transactions (sales, purchases, and everything else) is pulled into completely bespoke ‘boards’. Each board can be completely tailored and adapted to show the business information you’re interested in.

This is the first step.

The next one is where we come in.  We can help you create the boards that make your numbers much sexier – more relevant, more colourful, and even related to best-of industry numbers so you can track how you are faring in comparison to the rest of your industry. Some of the boards our clients appreciate are:

  • Average spend per customer
  • Most popular product by customer
  • Production costs for each of your products
  • Number of new products sold by sales rep
  • Profitability by individual product (perhaps your new beer line)

It’s not merely pretty

Yes, Futrli includes beautiful graphs and dashboards. But it’s the tool that helps us (your accountant) to deliver even more valuable long-term business planning, based on the reporting, KPIs and business data in your boards.

Scenario planning. What if analysis. Profitability reviews. You along with Xero and Futrli (and us, if you’d like) are better enabled to make the critical business decisions you need –  analysing different outcomes as they’re forecasted in Futrli. Items such as:

  • What would the impact be if you took on a new hire next month?
  • How would better equipment and a faster production process affect your costs and margins?
  • Is your cash flow healthy enough to open a second office?
  • What impact will launching a new product have?

Because we have access to your Xero and Futrli data, we can also give you timely highlights and warning signs when there’s a challenge on the horizon. Sometimes, we notice it before you do – and save you hours and days of frustration or difficulty.

Get a free board, today!

So, slotting Futrli into your Xero system is a no-brainer. We can give you a free demo if you like – but even better, we’ll give you a free board.

No fees, no charges – just a free board to analyse anything that would be useful to you. Anything that you’d like to see in a better-looking layout than the one you’ve got now.

Arrange your free board now and start the New Year with a clearer view of the year ahead for your company.

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