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App SquareTM

Everything you need to reinvigorate your business

We unashamedly love systems, and we’re always striving to play the same game as our clients: Try new things, scale the business, put processes in place and create a business that lasts.

To this day, systems are ingrained in everything we do. We’re always looking at new ways of doing things, ways to remove the hassle, even tiny innovations to help you.

To do that, we created the App SquareTM, a collection of apps that allow us to partner alongside you. The relationship we have with you isn’t simply one where you sign up with an accountant and we sort everything out.

For us, the App SquareTM allows us to understand your underlying motivations as a business owner, document it, and shape everything we do those motivations. That’s done by giving you access to the apps that give you the data, the information, the actions and ultimately, the outcomes that display those motivations.

The four components that deliver a thriving tech business

1. Expenses – The money going out is just as important as the money coming in. Control how you manage the outgoings and how effectively you track them.

2. Payments – Control the money coming in. Forget about wasting time chasing invoices and leave it to be automated alongside payment collection done for you and synced with your other platforms.

3. Systems – You’ve got these new tools at your disposal, and now it’s time to connect them together. The next step is to track your audience, and make sense of that data.

4. Reports – With the numbers in front of you, it’s back to how you use them, and how you make sense of them. It’s time for decisive information, better data and a greater understanding of your business.

Why Xero and why does it sit at the heart of the App SquareTM?

We’re no stranger to Xero, and it’s been a fundamental part of providing live accounting data to our clients. In our opinion, it’s the best tool for this, giving you complete access to your accounts and numbers whenever you need it.

For us, it’s the heart of the App SquareTM, simply because the businesses we work with have the best success when Xero and technology is at the heart of their business. When you have one central finance function, you have everything – data, transparency, strategy, systems, reports – to run your business in the best possible light.

“Not only have Square Mile cracked the monthly bookkeeping and accounting, they are also helping me put cashflow forecasting and budgeting tools in place that will help me grow my business. They are also tech-savvy and the Xero and other cloud-based packages make it easy to work with them remotely.”

– Jill H.

The results businesses have seen from the App SquareTM

The App SquareTM isn’t simply about giving you a stack of apps. It’s how they’re used that’ll fundamentally change how your business functions. Businesses who have implemented the App SquareTM have experienced:

Efficient use of automation and workflows to make their finance operations scalable.

Improved and structured business planning with high-level KPIs and actions.

A more attractive business to staff, directors and potential investors for the future.

Scale your business like never before

If a lack of structure and scalability in your business is the thing that’s bothering you the most, then talk to us about implementing the App SquareTM.