"We love helping businesses which add value to the world, scale and realise their potential."

Founder, David Gormer

Our clients want to find the right balance between creating a successful business, alongside having a life outside of work.

Cultivating a company culture is core to finding that balance. And we try to practice what we preach.


Square Mile was founded by David Gormer to “escape the city” in which he built his career with Deloitte, Deutsche and Merrill Lynch. Discovering a true passion not just for technology, but using technology to help businesses scale and realise their full potential, Square Mile operates on a rock solid ethos of driving efficiency and values of flexibility, equality and balance.

“Building a business is a journey, my goal with Square Mile is to recognise the different phases of that journey and help businesses move from one to the next at a sustainable and financially-sound pace. This is why we built our pillar structure of BUILD, SCALE and ACCELERATE, uniquely designed to tailor cost, services and the nature of support a business needs at any given time on their upward trajectory.” 


Linda, Molly and Harshil all joined our apprenticeship scheme, bringing a fresh injection of talent, ideas and spirit. For us, apprenticeships are a crucial element of how we roll.  It isn’t just about giving opportunity to great talent and developing their skills. The rest of the team benefit too, as Martin (Operations Director) explains;

“Providing our protégés with the training and attention they need drives more established colleagues to enhance their communication and mentoring skills, as well as sharpen up their own knowledge in their job role.  It’s extremely rewarding to see an apprentice succeed and know you’ve played a part in their future”.


Our partners and clients are each trying to make a positive difference and that’s something we strive for too.  A key focus for us is monitoring and off-setting our environmental impact. Working with A key focus for us is monitoring and off-setting our environmental impact. Heal Rewilding are managing projects to build a fund to buy land in the English lowlands and give it back to nature.

The vision is simple. Wildlife will thrive, the land will recover and as partners in the programme we’ll have a place to visit and find peace in the wild place we would have helped to create. 


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