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We help drive operational excellence by taking care of your accounting, tax and back office tech.


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Experienced ICAEW chartered accountants will do it all for you. Switching over to us is easy and we won’t tie you in. We’ll set up Xero for you and pay for it. No appointments, just arrange an online meeting when you need it. We’re available any time in person,by phone, messaging or Skype.Accounting, tax, business advice and planning, access to our partner network of attorneys, insurers and many more valuable services.



Whether you’re already established or starting a new business, we’ll build services for what you need, reduce your costs and achieve your goals.



Always know where you are and how much you can pay yourself in salary. Get in touch with our expert contractor accountants to see how much tax you could save.



Our accountants have worked with a wide variety of business owners, high net worth individuals and their families. Let us help you with everything, from basic returns to tax and estate planning.

We believe in their visions as much as their bottom line.

“Innovative, high growth companies – whether profitable or pre-turnover – need financial specialist advice and support. That’s where we focus our time and energy.”

David Gormer, Founder

Your back office tech – sorted.

Switching to Xero can save you hours each month and put you in control of your business. Convert quickly and easily from Sage, QuickBooks, Excel or any other accounting software. See how we can help you to work smarter and faster with our selection of cloud accounting apps that not only streamline your data, but allow total collaboration between your team and your accountant.


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No tie-in, no pressure. Talk to a professional chartered accountant about your business situation.

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No one ever said there was a shortage of Chartered Accountants in London.

But at Square Mile Accounting, we like to think that we’re a different breed. As an experienced team of Online Accountants, we use cutting edge technology to offer you the most dedicated accounting support, adding real value to your business where it matters most. With Square Mile by your side, you’ll start saving hours of precious time and money, while taking your business to the next level.

It’s no secret that we’re passionate about accounting.

We are driven to help make your business become more streamlined, more efficient and of course, more profitable. We obsess over the big things, and the little things. How can we help you spend less money, grow your revenues, reduce your costs and achieve your goals (business and personal)? These are questions we ask every day. We know that accounting and taxes can be confusing if it’s not your core business, so we offer dedicated support via phone calls and emails to help you stay on top of all those important things. You will also have access to a comprehensive library of how-to-videos and webinars to help you get the most out of Xero. Headed up by CEO David Gormer, our team of accredited experts has years of experience in London’s technology and start-up sector. This means we’ve built up the specific expertise necessary to really understand our clients’ needs in the most meaningful ways. We may be numbers guys, but we’re also an approachable team who go above and beyond to provide specialist advice and services in areas that can add stacks of significant value to tech businesses.

Although we’re London accountants, our cloud software means we can work with anyone anywhere.

We specialise in using cloud-based accounting solutions that make your life easier. The set-process is seamless and you will have the ability to access your accounts from any device, whenever you need to. In addition, we’ll enable you to track your data and business performance in real time, offering valuable advice along the way (unlike traditional accountants who may only have access to your data months after the year-end). And because we understand the nature of your business, we’re more than happy to arrange flexible meeting times, online or over the phone – whenever and however it suits you.

We also offer fixed fee agreements.

Thanks to these fixed fee agreements, you will always know what you need to pay in advance… no nasty surprises. All regular emails and phone calls are included, and we have a money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. There is no minimum sign-up term, so in the unlikely event that you’re not happy with our services, you’re always able to change your mind.

Why not meet with us to discuss your business?

You’ll be glad to know that we speak the same language, always keeping jargon to a minimum. So let’s meet and see if we click. If you decide to sign up, we can build a bespoke package for your business, tailored from our broad range services.

Accounting Blog

Was it good or bad news for Breweries in the Budget?

Was it good or bad news for Breweries in the Budget? It’s been about six weeks now since George Osborne announced his Budget for 2016 and analysts and experts have had time to digest the impact it will have on the UK industries. So is it good or bad news for the UK’s Brewery?  Pretty good as it turns out. Duty on beer, cider, whiskey and other spirits has been frozen whilst others will rise with inflation.  This obviously makes beer more affordable in real terms to consumers so no one should be put off purchases by increasing costs. The rumoured ‘Sugar’ tax became a reality and will be introduced in two years’ time on soft drinks in an attempt to tackle childhood obesity.  The introduction is delayed to allow companies time to reduce their sugar content and promote lower sugar brands in their place.  It has not been mentioned so far in connection to beer, but should the ‘Sugar’ tax work on tackling the issues with children then it could perhaps be rolled out to address the same issue in adults. Business rates will see a reduction by “more than doubling” the small business rate relief, meaning that 600, 000 would pay no business rates at all next year, saving £6,000.  The rate of corporation tax will fall from 20% to 17% by April 2020, so again more money in the pockets on Breweries to invest. Perhaps the drinks industry as a whole didn’t come out too well from the Budget, but it’s all good news for...

Scaling: how and why breweries get a massive tax break

Are you running a small brewery where you produce 60,000 hectolitres or less of beer a year? If so, you may qualify to receive small brewery relief – a way to reduce the duty you pay on your brewed products and increase your profitability.

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